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Client Portal

Welcome to Morning Star Moms!​​
On this page you can:​​
  • Check with The Lactation Network to determine if our consultation is covered by insurance.

  • Access your electronic health chart and complete your medical history prior to our first visit.

  • Enter my secure virtual waiting room for scheduled online (telehealth) appointments. 

After scheduling your appointment, please follow these next steps at least 24 hours before we meet: 
  • Click on “Start Your Chart Here!” (found below the blue box) to create your electronic health record. When you submit your information I will be notified it is complete.

  • Find out if your consultation is covered by insurance via The Lactation Network by clicking the link below in the blue box (if you have already completed this step, you do not need to do it again).

  • Please refer to my Services Page for information on out of pocket consultation or travel fees.

Your consultation could be covered by:
In Network plans include: 

Anthem BCBS PPO  •  BCBS PPO  •  Cigna PPO  •  Humana PPO

United PPO •  PNOA (Provider Network of America)  • MultiPlan Insurers

230825 msm qr code.png
Click here or scan the QR code to verify coverage.
After you submit your request for a consultation, the Lactation Network will notify you regarding your coverage. Please contact me directly to schedule your appointment.
Electronic Health Record


I am looking forward to meeting with you and your baby! To help me learn more about your health before our consultation, please provide your information by clicking on the secure link below. 

​If you are unable to open the link to your electronic health record, please follow these steps:
  • Close all your browsers and try the link again.
  • Reboot your computer and try the link again.

  • Try a different browser or computer if available.

Access Your Online (Telehealth) Consultation


Click on the badge below and you will be directed to my virtual Waiting Room. I will join you at our scheduled time. 

Helpful hints for participating in an online consult:
  • Gather any supplies you may need before the consultation starts (pump, pump parts, bottles, nipples, supplement, diapers, wipes, cloths, etc.).

  • Have a good internet connection.

  • Use a laptop (preferable because the connection through a mobile device may be unstable).

  • "Allow" your browser to use your webcam and microphone.

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