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Morning Star Moms:

Breastfeeding support you need, for the experience you want

Your Journey 

Babies are born to breastfeed. However, not every baby or parent experiences an easy path and breastfeeding does not always come “naturally.” Many moms and babies need a little guidance while learning this process. I’m available to help you with your specific situation. Call me if you have concerns about:

  • Breast or nipple pain

  • Latching or positioning your baby

  • Engorgement, especially if you can’t latch your baby

  • Milk supply (too much or too little)

  • How much milk your baby drinks from the breast

  • Expressing and storing your milk

  • Calming a fussy baby

  • Strategies for returning to work

  • Breastfeeding in challenging situations (twins or triplets, a premature or sick infant, infants with special medical conditions)

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Meet Dana

As a licensed RN and IBCLC who worked in Mom-Baby hospital departments for more than 20 years, I understand that sometimes unexpected things happen and complicate your ability to breastfeed your baby from the beginning. You want to give your baby the very best—your milk!


For the past eleven years my in-home breastfeeding support service has allowed me to devote my consulting sessions to working with mothers and their families at their pace to ensure they are getting the support they need to reach the outcomes they want.


Every mother has a unique vision of how they would like to experience their breastfeeding journey and I honor the individuality of each person. As your breastfeeding consultant, we will work together to achieve the goals you have while providing the best options for you and your baby.

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